Set up your Video Conferences in Barcelona

We present our new Videoconferencing system, which allows you to hold meetings between people who are in distant places. With the consequent cost savings represented by not moving people to other cities.

You will only have to summon those attending the meeting, through the platform that suits you best, so that they can connect remotely, on the day and time indicated.

Our service has all the necessary tools to transmit both image and sound in real time and in both directions.

For this we put at your disposal:

  • A computer connected to the internet with the most popular videoconferencing software solutions (Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team …).
  • A professional audio equipment with a central microphone.
  • A 48´´ TV screen.
  • A camera that allows to show all participants in a panoramic way.

Office or domiciled client price: 25€ an hour (additional hours 15€).

External customer price: 40€ an hour (additional hours 25€)

Videoconference meeting room in barcelona
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