Your Virtual Office at Barcelona

You can domicile your company’s fiscal and/or social address at our representative address, where you will receive your correspondence.

We will notify you about your official correspondence and will send it to you, by whatever means you prefer, so that you can handle it within the required time limits.

Telephone assistance can be hired as a simple or personalized service.

Our multilingual secretaries will answer your phone calls and instantly transfer them to you mobile phone, your home or any other place in the world. If you are unable to answer your client, they will take note of his/her message.

Virtual office

This service also includes:
  • Personalized attention to visitors
  • Scheduling of your visits
  • Use of Fax
  • Use of Offices and Meeting Rooms at advantageous rates
  • Free Internet connection
  • Use our center of P.Gràcia as well as those of our collaborators in Madrid
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