Office for shared rent in the center of Barcelona

What is an entrepreneurship hub?

In a recent article we told you what coworking is, a term that has gained visibility in recent years and that refers to the rental of an office within a

Domiciliation of companies with Business centers.

Why domicile my company in Barcelona?

When an entrepreneur decides to take the leap and domicile his company or business in a business center in a big city like Barcelona, ​​it is one of the most

Rental of offices and meeting rooms in Barcelona.

Business centers or coworking?

Have you ever thought about the best space to develop your professional activity? If you have a company or business, you have probably asked yourself this question. The place where

The importance of business meetings. Businesscenters Barcelona.

The Space In Business Meetings.

Nowadays, at any job, the meetings that are held with internal members of the company, as well as with external entities, represent a turning point for companies. One of the

Work meeting.

Videoconference or face-to-face meeting?

At Businesscenters Paseo de Gràcia, we specialize in offering fully equipped offices and work offices, meeting rooms and training classrooms to develop an activity in a professional way that benefits cooperative work, virtual offices, videoconferences and in the domiciliation of companies to be able to undertake developing their professional activity.