What is an entrepreneurship hub?

Office for shared rent in the center of Barcelona

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In a recent article we told you what coworking is, a term that has gained visibility in recent years and that refers to the rental of an office within a small workspace shared with other professionals.

Coworking (also known as coworking spaces) in the future will be the new business HUB, a space where entrepreneurs work, collaborate and create synergies to form part of a community with similar goals.

Otherwise we could define a HUB as a “meeting point” for companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers who know the advantages of coexistence and want to develop large-scale projects.

All this is achieved by promoting talks, workshops, innovation laboratories, etc. Contrary to what it may seem, it is not just a set of offices for rent, but a shared space designed for these entrepreneurs to come to work in an attractive place and interact with the rest of the users, thanks to the rental of a space or office within the coworking.

The mission of the “hubs” is to create a space or “co-working space” where entrepreneurs create synergies, collaborate and form a community.

Despacho alquiler compartido Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona
Shared office for renting at Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

If you are an entrepreneur or you are starting a business, it is a very interesting option when it comes to reducing expenses. It is cheaper than renting its own facilities, and furthermore, it has the attraction of being able to participate in activities and networking that favor synergies to enrich the project.

In our Business Center in Paseo de Gracia Barcelona we have a telephone line and internet, via Wi-Fi, electricity and water. This is an undoubted advantage, since you can start developing your business as soon as you formalize the rental of your office, without waiting for the electricity, telephone or Internet connection to be connected.

In addition, we have the latest technologies available to users, as well as advanced communication systems. The virtual offices are equipped with the latest technology, and offer you the option of making the connection through fiber optics.


Rent your office in a shared office on Paseo de Gracia in the heart of Barcelona

With the exponential increase in coworking spaces that has been generated in recent years, companies, freelancers and new entrepreneurs are gradually choosing to settle in spaces that are dynamic for their businesses. That is why the vast majority leave traditional business work structures aside, progressively joining the coworking phenomenon.

What is the profile of companies that opt for a Business HUB or coworking space?


Almost any company can adapt to a Business HUB, although the vast majority are linked to technology, marketing and communication agencies, design and architecture studios.

They stand out for having quite flexible structures, allowing them to adapt perfectly to the environment and accelerating their growth in less time than a traditional company.

alquiler despacho compartido barcelona
At Paseo de Gracia Business Center we rent shared offices.

Although it may seem that the usual coworking tenant is a freelancer, entrepreneur or startup, more and more professional profiles are opting for this flexible, versatile and affordable variant. We usually find profiles such as freelancers, professionals, students and anyone who has a business idea and starts working on it.

In our Paseo de Gracia Business Center, clients interrelate during the working day and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time they enjoy the seriousness and professionalism of a Business Center, favoring a calm and respectful work environment. when it comes to noise and distractions.

Our Paseo de Gracia Business Center in Barcelona has rooms for meetings, videoconferences, training, translators equipped with the latest technologies.

What is a company that shares offices in a business HUB looking for?

  • Increase the productivity of your team in a serious and professional work environment
  • Reduce structure costs and fixed expenses (electricity, water, internet…)
  • Motivation of your employees
  • Greater sense of professionalism by being located in a privileged place
  • Solutions in common to the needs of companies
  • Share synergies and active networking

    coworking center Barcelona
    Coworking spaces or shared offices in the Paseo de Gracia Business Center, Barcelona.

The influence of business HUBs can be of such magnitude that they turn the places where they settle into leading centers for entrepreneurship. Sometimes it has even been linked to entire regions where an ecosystem of innovative companies is growing, especially in the IT branch.

Our offices in Barcelona are located at Paseo de Gracia in the heart of Barcelona. It is important for companies that settle in a business center the image of professionalism that they transmit to their clients by being located in a privileged area, offering added value in terms of corporate image.


These ecosystems are the future of companies, professional development and business success. No one doubts that in the future the growth of collaborative environments will continue to boom, once companies understand the purpose and benefits of HUBS, a need in the labor market.


We offer more services than other business centers in Barcelona, but we offer you more flexibility since you do not have a permanent contract with us. We only need you to give us 15 days notice when you decide to leave. In addition, our shared offices will give you the comfort and peace of mind of having a fixed location every day, privacy and the stability you need to be able to work in peace.

Also highlight our commitment to the companies that are part of the ecosystem of our Business Center and our close relationship with our customers.

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More than 100 professionals already work in our centers.

Do you want to be one of them?

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