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The location for any business is an essential aspect for it to succeed, especially if its activity is mostly public. This is the case of the rental of law firms in Barcelona, which should project a professional image. The physical or virtual place in which we locate our office will contribute to brand our activity and company image. Choosing a professional location, well connected and relatively close to our potential clients and suppliers, sharing a modern, comfortable work environment adapted to our needs, is an essential factor.

It is of great importance to choose a professional location that is well connected and relatively close to our potential clients and suppliers.

It must be taken into account that although it is true that a correct location helps alleviate some existing administrative deficiencies, an inappropriate location negatively and seriously affects management. In this way, one of the first tasks of the entrepreneur will be to know what will be the ideal and appropriate place to carry out his business in Barcelona. You have to study and choose the best location for your business, giving a boost to the success of your company.

Ray Kroc, legendary McDonald’s promoter, already said it, stating:

“The three essentials for success in business are location, location, and location.”

This phrase exactly illustrates the importance of choosing the right location to develop a business project.

law firm office rental in barcelona
Rent an office for your law firm in the heart of Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona.

Our Business Center in Barcelona is located in a strategic area of the city such as Paseo de Gracia. The privileged location in the center places us at a strategic point of great prestige in Barcelona. It allow our clients to have representative addresses on their business cards and offer great ease of access through any transportation system, public or private.


Our Business Center in Barcelona is located in a strategic area such as Paseo de Gracia in the heart of Eixample.


The offices that can be rented in Paseo de Gracia are located next to Plaza de Cataluña and Gran Vía de las Corts Catalanes. The modernist office building has 400 m2 and consists of 15 offices from 1 to 7 pax, 1 Board Room for 14 pax. and 1 Office.

Eixample is the most populous district in Barcelona and in all of Spain in absolute terms (262,485 inhabitants) and the second in relative terms (35,586 inhabitants/km²). In addition, it is home to places of interest such as the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, the Barcelona Auditorium, the Monumental bullring, as well as numerous entertainment venues in the capital.


This area of the capital also stands out for the confluence of many innovative companies, a perfect place to attract entrepreneurs and new projects that want to launch new ideas with the need to locate in one of the most important streets of the city’s business sector. From our facilities you can easily access the main services, with an unbeatable market potential at street level and well connected to public transport (bus, metro, taxi).

Therefore, choosing the best location is essential because your law firm in Barcelona will become your second home and you will have to create a space of comfort for you and your clients. Bet on locating your company in our business center and fully hit the location of your company.

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